A.F. High School girls lament too many girls’ choice dances.

As President Obama and Mitt Romney just made an appeal to the undecided female voters at the debate this week, another female group is being asked to make the decisions this year: the girls at American Fork High School.

Instead of growin’ frantic waiting for suitors to come a-courtin’, they are asked to pick a date for the Sadie Hawkins’ dance on Saturday. And for the Preference dance in December. And for the Morp dance, two months later.

Yes, while the first and last dance of the year — Homecoming and Prom — are boys’ choice, the dance line-up in Cavemen country this year shapes up to have more girls’ choice than boys’. “Not a good deal,” says Heather, a frustrated student who writes for the school’s newspaper.
“It makes sense that there should be more boys’ choice dances than girls’ choice because, traditionally, boys are the ones to step up and ask girls out. So why the change this year?” she poignantly said.

Heather is right: last year, the dance line-up touted Homecoming, Preference, Winter Waltz, Sadie Hawkins and Prom — two girls’ choice and three boys’ choice — which seemed “fair and reasonable,” according to Heather.

To learn more about the impending crisis, she took time to ask a few boys and girls, and the responses are as polarized as the 2012 election.

“Girls never really get a chance to ask, so having the two were a great opportunity for them,” says Braydan, a junior. “But having more boys’ choice dances [keeps] to the tradition of boys taking the lead.”

But, according to Heather, girls tend to agree more with Breanne, a junior, who says money and stress are an issue. “I think it’s dumb because I don’t want to have the stress of asking to dances three times in a row,” she said. “Money is also an issue. Having the three dances close together worries me that I won’t have enough to cover the expenses.”

Heather agrees that stress plays more a factor in girls than boys, as girls worry more about what they will wear and eat, as well as the date, she said. Could this year’s intensive course in girl’s choice be the panacea to stressful planning? Luke, a sophomore, says he doesn’t mind being let off the hook.

“I think that it gives girls a better chance to ask who they want, and it gives boys a break.”

So no one wants to choose. In February, in an exclusive report, the Citizen highlighted a dating malaise at the school, where some said today’s boys are less interested in asking girls out than playing video games, and girls asserted that guys wanted to “hang out to avoid dating.”

Could Cavemen be more cavemen-like? To solve this undecided-dater problem, Heather says equality is key.
“Being a girl myself, I understand that while girls love being able to plan everything their way, they love the unexpected invitations and creative ways of being asked even more,” she said. “If you want to keep it fair, then maybe we should have an equal amount of boy’s choice and girl’s choice. But girls should not be responsible for the majority of the dances.”

‘Secret Princes’ finale sneak peek with Lord Rob Walters.

On TLC’s “Secret Princes,” four men with royal titles went undercover in Atlanta to try to meet women the old-fashioned way — by going undercover as mere mortals with menial jobs to see if the ladies would love them for who they are. But Lord Rob Walters had another advantage — his British accent.

The good looks probably didn’t hurt either, but Walters tells Zap2it ahead of the “Secret Princes” finale, where the guys finally spill their secret to the girls they’ve been dating, that he did have good luck with his accent. ” When I was dating it Atlanta, I guess it was easier in that I had a London accent. That didn’t hurt. They liked that.”
Walters explains that he signed up for the show after having a conversation with his friend about a woman who was dating him for the wrong reasons. He has a higher profile in Europe than the U.S., considering he’s a model and TV presenter with a royal bloodline.
“We thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go undercover and just see how people treated you and how women would react to you? Would you still be able to meet women if they knew nothing about you? It’s 50-50, obviously. On one hand, you could find out you’re an absolute idiot and you never knew. You went through life thinking you were cool, but really you were a complete idiot and no one likes you.”

On the other hand, he could meet someone amazing. “A week later, my management got approached with “Secret Princes.'”
Overall, Walters says that audiences have been very kind to him, sending him marriage proposals via email. “The feedback I’ve gotten from the show has been 99.7 percent positive. It seems the American audience has warmed to me!”
Walters enjoyed dating in the U.S., and says he thoroughly enjoyed his month in Atlanta. “American people are very easy to get along with. They’re very open. American women are a lot more fun to date than U.K. girls. I mean, U.K. girls are cool as well, but on the whole, U.S. girls seem to be very expressive and more outgoing.”

How will things go when he reveals his true self to Jasmine? You’ll find out when the “Secret Princes” finale airs on Friday, Oct. 19 at TK p.m. on TLC, but you can see how Rob and the rest of the princes prepared for their big moment in Zap2it’s exclusive sneak peek.What do you think the reactions will be like? How would you react in their situation?

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As a size 12,Ukrainian ladies wasn’t overweight, but says she hated her ‘bingo wings’, flabby tummy and double chin. ‘No matter how many times I went to the gym, I couldn’t shift them,’ she says. ‘I’d already picked out my wedding dress — a simple, cream gown with delicate straps — and I knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it if I didn’t tone up.’
A friend recommended Laser Lipo, which appealed to Sharon because, unlike traditional liposuction, which removes fat by inserting a tube under the skin and sucking it out, the fat is broken down using laser beams.
‘It’s non-invasive so there’s no scarring and it’s painless,’ she says.
Sharon admits that at a total cost of £3,000 it was a lot of money, significantly more than her wedding dress. She paid for it in instalments and cut back on nights out and new clothes.
‘I had 24 half-hour sessions — eight on each of the areas I wanted targeted — over three months,’ she says. ‘As the weeks went past, I began to notice a visible difference. My stomach and arms were firm, and my double chin disappeared.
‘By the time my wedding day came around, I’d dropped from a size 12 to a size 8. I was amazed. Slipping on my dress on the morning of our wedding, I felt toned and confident. I wasn’t worried about my bingo wings or double chin ruining the photos.’
She adds she didn’t tell her fiance about the treatment until after their wedding.
‘Tom, who’d noticed my changing shape, presumed I’d lost weight through stress and thought it was hilarious when I confessed on honeymoon what I’d done,’ she says. ‘All that mattered to him was that I’d been a very happy bride.’
Would Sharon have enjoyed her day any less if she’d not had the treatment? After all, surely the important thing was that she was marrying the man she loved?
She concedes: ‘Probably not, but I would have had to wear a different dress.’
Nearly a year on Sharon insists she has no regrets, not least because she has maintained her size eight figure. ‘Having the lipo acted as the boost I needed to change my lifestyle, eat more healthily and exercise regularly,’ she says.
Likewise, Alice says she still loves her nose, and Eneshia, too, remains delighted with her bust. ‘The best thing is that even though the wedding’s over and the dress put away, I still have my breasts,’ she says. ‘They have given me such confidence.’
But implants aren’t intended to last a lifetime, unlike a happy marriage. And, ultimately, it would be very sad if the real meaning of marriage got lost in the desire for physical perfection.Married in the Netherlands, where there are many bridal salon, wedding dresses in Dutch: Trouwjurken ,Local bridal salon called Trouwjurken-Shop

Solange Knowles is fashion’s quintessential cool girl. She DJ’s at fashion fêtes, loves her some BBQ Kettle chips, has impeccable personal style, and rocks a fab ‘fro we all want to nestle our faces in. But not everyone is as in love with her tresses as we are.

Natural hair blog Curly Nikki posted an excerpt from an interview with Ms. Knowles in the June issue of Essence about her hair secrets. While some commenters responded positively to the piece, there were many who, well, didn’t (this is the internet, after all). Here’s what they had to say:

“Natural hair can be VERY beautiful. Solange’s hair is not. Even if she wore an afro, pick it out even or something. It always looks unkempt…Boo for not even trying to represent with her natural fro’ness.”

“she really needs to put some work into STYLING her hair. This is why people think natural hair looks bad…”

“Solange wears ‘natural’ wigs more than she wears her own natural and when she does, it looks dry, unstyled and unshaped. If she’s truly proud of her natural look, she needs to get from under the wigs and work with her own hair. She has much potential, but she’s not using it.”

It was this post from tumblr Moderne Meid, criticizing these vitriolic reactions, that set Solange Knowles off on a Twitter tirade this Thursday. The ladies over at The Glamazons Blog spotted Solo’s tweets, in which she says:

“I never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don’t know the lingo and don’t sleep with a satin cap… However, I did [notice] when I picked out my hair, I kept seeing feedback about needing a “twist out”. Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs. Correction, I hate the way they look on me SO I end up always picking them/ steaming them out. Look, all I’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me… so [i] don’t encourage it to be important to you.”

So why all the backlash from “natural” advocates?

Danielle Gray of The Style and Beauty Doctor (who has gone natural herself), says this type of rant against Solo comes as little surprise. “It’s like a cult and if you don’t conform to what [natural hair advocates] think is natural, God help you.” she says. “I get it, society used to make us feel wrong for rocking our God-given hair, but sometimes it’s good to STFU.”

She has a point. For years, black women have felt pressure to conform to mainstream ideals of beauty, which includes a full head of straight, silky hair. They’ve endured painful processes and damaged their hair with chemical relaxers (lovingly known as “the creamy crack”) and weaves that over time can pull out your hair.

The natural hair movement has given many black women a sense of pride in their natural texture, and the courage to rock it. The ever-growing number of natural hair bloggers have provided women who weren’t accustomed to styling their natural locks (many black girls get relaxers at such a young age, they don’t even remember what their natural texture looks or feels like), with tips on how to get their hair to work for them.

Solange happens to be a spokesperson for a line of Carol’s Daughter hair products marketed for “transitioning” from processed to natural hair. The brand stands behind Solange and told us, “Carol’s Daughter continues to celebrate the passion and energy of our Spokesbeauty Solange Knowles. She truly embodies beauty by nature and is an inspiration to us all.”

Claire Sulmers from The Fashion Bomb says the criticism boils down to the fact that Solange is one of the biggest black celebrities in the public eye rocking natural hair. “With Solange, I’m sure people want her to be a huge spokesperson for natural women,” Sulmers said. “As a public figure, they undoubtedly see her as a role model and idolize her. Solange has a right to say that her hair is a very personal thing, and doesn’t care to discuss it.”

It seems one strict beauty standard is being replaced with another. Doesn’t this sort of policing go against part of what the natural hair movement is about? Wearing your hair the way you think is most beautiful without having to worry about arbitrary, imposed notions of what is acceptable? As long as Solange’s hair is healthy and she likes how it looks, who cares if her curls are defined? Solange has beautiful hair, wears it how she pleases, and quite frankly, anyone who has a serious problem with that sounds like a hater to us.

What do you think? Are natural hair advocates too overzealous in policing other people’s ‘dos?

Diane Von Furstenberg is elected fourth-term CFDA President.

Diane von Furstenberg is a fashion legend. With a global luxury fashion brand under her belt, von Furstenberg revolutionized women’s fashion with her trademark DVF wrap dress. Rightfully, the designer has already been awarded with the CFDA Lifetime Acheivement Award (most recently given to American designer Tommy Hilfiger), and now von Furstenberg can add yet another year serving as CFDA president to her style resumé.
Von Furstenberg was just appointed a fourth year term as the council president, with CFDA CEO Steven Kolb telling Women’s Wear Daily that “Diane has done an excellent job as CFDA president. The time and resources she gives and the vision she has created is a huge benefit for our organization and industry.”
In total, the CFDA inducted 26 new members, including new winner Joseph Altuzarra, stylist Rachel Zoe, Tadashi Shoji, Pamela Love, shoe designer Tabitha Simmons, and Emily Current and Merritt Elliott of Current/Elliott.
Noticeably absent from the list are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who took home top prize at this year’s CFDA Awards in womenswear for their collection “The Row.”
Von Furstenberg will be in charge of overseeing all of the CFDA’s 427 designers. Her tenure as council president will be extended through 2014.

Packing in style: Women carrying concealed handguns want more fashionable options in their gun bags.

In Texas more women are choosing to carry concealed handguns.
Texas designers are answering their pleas for more stylish options to carry discreetly and safely.
According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the number of women who got their concealed handgun license grew by 65 percent between 2006 and 2010, the latest year that data was available.
The reasons women are getting those licenses are unclear, but as more women decide to carry concealed weapons, they are demanding carrying options that work with their personal styles.
Until recently, women who carry a concealed handgun could carry it in an inside-the-waistband holster, which requires specially sized pants or skirts and a jacket or loose shirt to hide the weapon. They could carry it in a shoulder rig, which, again, requires a jacket, something that the weather in Texas doesn’t always encourage. The other option was to carry the gun in an ugly, boxy purse that was designed for quick draw or risk leaving their weapon unsecured inside a traditional handbag. Nobody wants to be fumbling around amid sunglasses, car keys and receipts looking for a gun when faced with an attacker.
Several Texas designers experienced the difficulties of carrying a concealed gun during a hot summer and refused to carry ugly purses. “Just because we carry a weapon for self-defense, doesn’t mean we have to get into someone else’s style box,” says Kate Woolstenhulme, who launched a couture handbag line, Concealed Carry by Woolstenhulme Designer Bags.
Woolstenhulme was living in Miami when the light bulb went off in 2009: There was a niche market that wasn’t being catered to. After getting her license, she couldn’t find a bag that fit her needs. Her stable of designer bags didn’t work, and she refused to carry the ugly holster bags on the market at the time.
“Women there are very fashionable and they really dress,” Woolstenhulme says of Miami. “I was wearing sundresses all the time; it wasn’t like I could slap on an ankle holster.”
She moved to Dallas, started designing bags and, through trial and error, discovered how to turn sumptuous Italian leather into statement pieces with discreet pockets for a secure holster with easy, quick access. She’s even designed bags for female law enforcement agents.
“There is nothing more unprofessional than bending over and having your lipstick and your gun fall out of your purse,” she says.

Woolstenhulme’s first line was so successful that she is launching her new line of handbags this month.

Houstonians Renata Newton established Gun Supply Store, an online seller of concealed carry purses and other gun equipment. She searched for the most stylish options she could find from existing manufacturers, but still wanted to offer more options, so the site launched its own line of handbags this year, aiming at a price point of less than $100.

“Although I don’t have a background in fashion, I like fashion and I know what I like,” Newton says. “The demand is there for purses that allow women to carry safely and easily without being out of step with fashion.”

Sondra Simmons teamed up with her sister, Suzette, and founded Lucky Squashbuckler out of her San Marcos home after she couldn’t find a purse with the right pockets for her .38 special. The grandmothers use recycled material from vintage dresses, table cloths and whatever else they can find to create bags with hidden, padded Velcro pockets.

“We got tired of not being able to find cute purses,” Simmons says. “We would look through stores to find purses that had a big enough pocket for a pistol, but we could never find anything that we liked exactly, so we made our own.”

They began selling their brightly colored, one-of-a-kind bags on Etsy this year. So far, they’ve gotten a great response.

All the designers are quick to point out that the concealed carry pockets on each of the bags aren’t just perfect for keeping guns out of sight. With the increase of pickpockets going after iPhones, iPads and expensive sunglasses, it can be worth it to have a hidden, padded pocket. It’s also an option for nonlethal weapons like stun guns or pepper spray. On some of the bags, the concealed pocket locks, making it an option to keep medication or wallets away from children, they say.

And though all of the designers said they would never risk their safety for the sake of fashion, they all began offering the bags so that their customers could have both.

“I’m not saying that we would risk our safety for our fashion, but in this country we’re used to options,” Woolstenhulme says. “Why can’t we have it all?”

David Schwimmer: Wardrobe can be dull.

David Schwimmer says the “greatest part” of starring in an animation movie is bypassing “make-up and wardrobe”.

The actor lends his voice to Melman the giraffe in upcoming Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. David also did the voiceover for the previous two film instalments and loves doing the movies as styling isn’t important.

“It’s a great gig. The greatest part is you don’t have to go through make-up and wardrobe and wait hours and hours for lighting or set. You kind of just roll up in sweat pants, tennis shoes and a T-shirt because all the work is in your head,” he told Fox News.

“You get a call every couple of months, ‘Hey can you come in for five or six hours?’ and you go in and go crazy and then they say, ‘Oh we’ll be in touch,’ and then three years later you see the movie and it’s kind of mind blowing.”

Although his wardrobe choices are lazy while recording, David never lets his hygiene slip. The 45-year-old star has joked that he always showers before turning up on set.

“No, I’m lucky that I have a shower at home, I try to use it daily and I try to respect others,” he deadpanned, when asked if he ever turns up without washing.

NFL Upping Fashion Quotient in Fall Ads.

The Birkin bag on the set of Friday’s photo shoot for NFL women’s apparel was the giveaway that the league is trying to up its fashion quota. Suzanne Johnson, whose husband, Woody, owns the New York Jets, brought an assortment of her Hermès accessories to wear in the ad she will appear in with her friend and fellow fan Melania Trump. Wearing white AG jeans, a fitted Jets top and Jimmy Choo Barbie shoes, Johnson said, “I am an Hermès girl [gesturing toward her watch and bracelets] so my bag will be in the shot. This is what I would actually wear to the stadium.”
And that’s the point of the upcoming “It’s My Team” campaign, which was shot by Daniel Jackson at Pier 59 Studios and will break in August fashion and lifestyle magazines. Stylist Tiina Laakkonen mixed designer labels with an assortment of logo apparel and accessories from the NFL’s 32 teams. (Where else would one find black suede over-the-knee boots with the Buffalo Bills logos?)

Johnson asked another fan, Harvey Weinstein, to recruit his Marchesa-designing wife Georgina Chapman to whip up a limited-edition shirt for the league. That will make its debut during the NFL’s two weeks of kickoff festivities in New York planned around the Sept. 5 New York Giants-Dallas Cowboys opener.
The print ads will feature an assortment of women including Peta Murgatroyd and Kym Johnson of “Dancing With the Stars,” DJ Kiss, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders. Kiss went all-out with a New Orleans Saints-inspired manicure. Having recently DJ’d the after parties for the MTV Music Awards, as well as one at Giorgio Armani’s club in Milan, the Baton Rouge, La., native said she stays true to her roots. “My friends said, ‘You just like the Saints because they won.’ I told them, “Nooooo. I have watched many games where they lost.’”
Trump, who often catches the Jets home games with her husband, Donald, and the Johnsons, wore leather pants, a body-hugging, plunging Jets top, Christian Louboutin stilettos and bracelets from her Melania
line for QVC. She’s close to lining up an unrelated fashion deal.
The NFL’s director of apparel, Rhiannon Madden, said of the campaign: “We want to show that you can be a fan by what you wear to work, going to the gym or out at night with girlfriends. It’s also a message of empowerment. It’s your team — not your guy’s team.”
As for whether Suzanne Johnson consulted with her Jets-owning husband about Friday’s shoot, she said, “He leaves the fashion to me and I definitely leave the football to him.”

It’s Official: Women Think About Fashion 91 Times A Day.

We know you all love clothes. And shoes. And handbags… And, guess what – you’re not alone.
New research has found women think about fashion 91 times a day. That’s once every 11 minutes and 23 seconds in case you were wondering.
And the favourite item we think about? Dresses. So why not take a look at some of these gorgeous designs from Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane.
The research, by Very.co.uk, also found the total amount of time spent thinking about fashion each day is one hour and 19 minutes. That’s 30 days a year. When you look at some of the Autumn/Winter 2012 trends coming our way, it’s hardly surprising we’re so consumed by fashion.
‘For many young women, fashion is so much more than a casual hobby or mild interest – it’s a way of life – and the results of the survey confirm that’, says Very’s Style Director Rebecca Elderfield.
There are also regional divides: women in Birmingham have 117 fashion thoughts a day, while women in London have 108. In Cardiff, they have just 64 fashion thoughts a day.
Nearly a third said they looked at online fashion websites at least six times a day, while 62% claimed to regularly drift off at work and think about fashion instead.
We don’t blame you ladies. And to give you something gorgeous to lust after, why not have a look at this Louis Vuitton collaboration with artist Yayoi Kusama. Bliss!

Ginnifer Goodwin’s High Street Look.

Ginnifer Goodwin’s White House Correspondents Dinner dress cost just $299 from H&M’s new Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection.
Ginnifer Goodwin’s White House Correspondents Dinner dress cost just $299.
The ‘Once Upon a Time’ actress donned the light gray gown from high street retailer H&M’s new Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection to the glitzy event in Washington on Saturday (28.04.12) and says she chose the budget garment because it was eco-friendly.
She told People magazine: “I wanted something that was very earth-friendly. That was critical.”
Despite its low price-tag, the dress will still be difficult for shoppers to buy as just 1,000 of the limited-edition pieces were made. Each one is individually numbered.
The dress features organic cotton and silk boucle at the top, with an organza ruffled skirt and concealed zip at the back.
Ginnifer – who was a guest of NPR at the event – chose to add her own twist to the dress by teaming it with a simple black belt.
The H&M Exclusive Glamour Conscious Collection has been a hit with other celebrities on the red carpet, with Michelle Williams, Viola Davis, Kristin Davis and Amanda Seyfried previously spotted in dresses from the range.

Kristin Davis Dating Aaron Sorkin – Report.

Kristin Davis has found love with revered screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, according to a new U.S. report.
The new mum, 47, has been on “several dates” with The Social Network scriptwriter, according to Life and Style.
A source tells the magazine, “It’s early, but they like each other. They’re both busy and get together when they can”.
After splitting from his wife Julia Bingham in 2005, Sorkin dated actresssinger Kristin Chenoweth.
Davis was previously linked romantically to Alec Baldwin.
Both have a child – Sorkin’s daughter with Bingham was born in 2000; Davis, who has never been married, adopted baby Gemma Rose last year (11).
Neither Sorkin nor Davis – or their reps – have responded to the datingstory yet.

Malin Akerman To Play Debbie Harry In Cbgb.

Malin Akerman will play Blondie singer Debbie Harry in ‘CBGB’ opposite Alan Rickman.
Malin Akerman will play Blondie singer Debbie Harry in ‘CBGB’.
The actress joins a cast including Alan Rickman and Rupert Grint in the movie which tells the story of New York City nightspot CBGB – Country, BlueGrass, and Blues – and its impact on the underground music scene.
Blondie were regulars at the club – which had a rule saying bands could not play cover versions – before and after they earned commercial success following their debut album in 1976.
The venue shut in 2006 in a dispute over rent, and owner Hilly Kristal [Rickman] died a year later – but a series of CBGB -branded festivals still take place in New York.
Randall Miller will direct the project, and he co-wrote the script with Jody Savin, who believes Alan possesses some similarities to Hilly.
He said in a statement: “We wrote this role for Alan Rickman who, like Hilly Kristal, is a true champion of the arts.”
Malin will next appear on the big screen in ‘Rock of Ages’ in which she plays a reporter covering Tom Cruise’s character Stacee Jaxx.
The musical also stars Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand and Julianne Hough.

Ashley Greene to Play Hilly Kristal’s Daughter in CBGB Film.

Twilight star Ashley Greene has signed up to play late New York club boss Hilly Kristal’s daughter Lisa in the star-studded CBGB biopic.

The actress joins Alan Rickman, who will play her father, Malin Akerman, Taylor Hawkins and Sting’s daughter Mickey Sumner in the film, which starts shooting in Georgia later this month (Jun12).

Akerman will portray Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry in the film, while Foo Fighters drummer Hawkins will make his movie debut as Iggy Pop, and Sumner has been cast as New York punk icon Patti Smith.

Alan Rickman Eyeing ‘Second Youth’ On CBGB Set.

Alan Rickman is excited about playing New York club boss Hilly Kristal in a new movie, because he missed out on visiting legendary venue CBGB in his youth.
The British actor takes the lead role in the movie, alongside a star-studded cast including Foo Fighters rocker Taylor Hawkins, who will make his acting debut as Iggy Pop, and Sting’s actress daughter Mickey Sumner, who is slated to portray punk icon Patti Smith.
And Rickman can’t wait to begin the shoot in Savannah, Georgia this summer (12).
He tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph, “Sadly I never got to go to the club when it was around, but they’re reconstructing it as we speak in a studio in Savannah so I’ll have my second youth there.
“I’ll get what might becalled the vibe when I go there in three weeks, I’ll be vibing”.

Johnny Depp Helped Patti Smith Write Banga.

Johnny Depp helped Patti Smith record the title track of her new album, ‘Banga’, by recording her singing a capella.
Johnny Depp helped Patti Smith record the title track of her new album, ‘Banga’.
The Hollywood star – who is also a guitarist – worked on the track after helping the singer record her initial vocal idea.
She explained to Spinner.com: “It’s all Johnny Depp. He’s a friend of mine and I got the idea for the song in my head. I told Johnny, ‘I don’t wanna forget this.’ So he recorded me singing a capella.
“Then Johnny said he would send it to me so I wouldn’t forget.
“And when I got it, he’d put drums, guitars, everything on it! So the first minute of the song is all me and Johnny Depp.
“What we did in the recording studio was the band listened to Johnny’s track and then came in on the chorus.”
Another track on the album pays tribute to Amy Winehouse – who died of accidental alcohol poisoning last year – but Patti said she was careful not to romanticise the singer’s self destruction.
She added: “A lot of people think that because I admire a lot of musicians or artists who did have a self-destructive bent that I romanticise self-destruction. Well, I don’t at all.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Are Toast of Fashion Awards.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen sealed their style credentials as they picked up a top honor at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards on Monday (04Jun12).

The former child stars-turned-fashion moguls saw off competition from Marc Jacobs to be named Womenswear Designer of the Year for their collection The Row.

Designer Zac Posen, who mentored Ashley while she was in college, took to Twitter.com to praise the actresses, writing, “Congratulations to all the CFDA winners and nominees. So proud of my old intern Ashley Olsen!! Well deserved”.

Pirates of the Caribbean hunk Johnny Depp was also celebrated at the New York City event – he became the first male to be named a Fashion Icon by the CFDA for his “personal and eclectic sense of style”.

The actor was not present to pick up his trophy, which was accepted by Cry-Baby director John Waters on Depp’s behalf.

Marc Jacobs: Working With Beckham Was Unexpected.

Marc Jacobs loved working with Victoria Beckham because no one expected it and says she was thrilled to take part in a campaign where only her legs were visible coming out of a shopping bag.

Marc Jacobs loved working with Victoria Beckham because no one expected it.

The Louis Vuitton designer cast the former Spice Girl in a campaign for his eponymous brand in 2008 and caused controversy with an advertisement which saw just her legs coming out of a shopping bag but Marc revealed he chose her because it was so unexpected.

He explained to Germany’s Interview magazine: “Victoria would never have been the type of person that I think anyone would have thought of as our customer. Victoria liked the idea very much and was totally into it so I said, ‘Let’s treat her like she’s a kind of product.’ Because she is, she’s created herself… And the first image you saw was just her legs coming out of a shopping bag.”

Former heroin addict Marc also revealed he gets upset when people refer to him as a “fat heroin addict” because he was thin when he was on drugs.

The reformed designer explained: “That was the stupidest thing I ever heard because first of all I was never a fat heroin addict, I was a skinny heroin addict – and I got over that luckily. I was fat when I stopped doing drugs, not while I was doing drugs. I don’t know anyone who’s fat when they’re doing drugs.”

David And Victoria Beckham Pay Tribute To The Queen.

David and Victoria Beckham appeared in a special video to congratulate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on her Diamond Jubilee and thanked her for the great job she had done.
David and Victoria Beckham appeared in a special video to congratulate Britain’s Queen Elizabeth on her Diamond Jubilee.
The soccer star and the fashion designer were featured in the footage for the BBC’s tribute piece, which marked the 86-year-old monarch’s 60 years on the throne.
David spoke on behalf of the couple – who currently live in Los Angeles with their four children – and thanked the queen for what a great job she has done.
He said: “I’d just like to say from us, me, Victoria, our family and the entire country, congratulations Your Majesty.”
David and Victoria have close associations with the royal family and last year attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
They have also met the queen on several occasions as well as being introduced to Prince Charles.
Although the Beckhams currently reside in America, David – who grew up in London’s East End – is very proud of the British royal family and regards the queen as a grandmother.
He recently said: “The queen is someone that I feel that I’ve grown up with. She’s like my grandmother. So for us to be celebrating 60 years on the throne, 60 years leading our country the way she’s led our country, is a special moment for us.”

Rachel Zoe Names Her New Bag After Her Son.

Rachel Zoe has named her latest handbag design ‘The Morrison’ in honour of her son.
Rachel Zoe has named her latest handbag design after her son.
The fashion designer called her new handbag ‘The Morrison’ as a tribute to her 15-month-old son, Skyler Morrison Berman.
The stylist to the stars – who counts Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway and Eva Mendes among her A-list clients – tweeted: “Me and @mandanadayani with our Rachel Zoe Fall 2012 Morrison bags, named after my son! xoRZ (sic)”
The picture shows her posing with the black leather bag from her Fall 2012 accessories collection alongside Mandana Dayani, the vice president of Rachel Zoe Inc.
Rachel snapped a similar picture of herself and Mandana holding the bags yesterday (07.06.12), tweeting: “OMG we’re matching by accident! Great minds”.
Rachel, 40, follows in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham who named one of her own handbag creations Harper after 10-month-old daughter Harper Seven.
Victoria, 37, also announced her bag tribute via twitter earlier this year, uploading a photo of the design along with the caption: “Meet Harper! X vb.”
Kate Moss and Nicole Richie have also baptised their clothing and perfume designs in honour of their children.

Nicole Richie Likes Fearless Fashion.

Reality TV star-turned fashion designer Nicole Richie says she likes people to be “fearless” with their fashion choices.

Nicole Richie likes people to be “fearless” with their fashion choices.

The fashion designer – whose brands include House of Harlow 1960 and Winter Kate – says her ideal customer is someone who is willing to take risks with their outfit choices.

She said: “I most like seeing my designs worn by anyone who is passionate about what they choose to wear and are excited and motivated by my designs. I always design for women who love to play with fashion. I study what people are drawn to by personally getting feedback from my customers. I admire anyone who is fearless in what they choose to wear.”

Nicole – who has two children, Harlow, four, and two-year-old Sparrow, with husband Joel Madden – says she is a huge fan of Kate Moss’ look.

When asked by Company magazine who her girl crush was, Nicole replied: “That is so hard to choose. But probably Kate Moss.”

The former reality TV star also revealed the inspirations behind her latest collections.

She said: “The S/S12 range was inspired by my travels to the Souks of Marrakech, as well as Egyptian Sarcophagus. The feminine qualities are juxtaposed with intricate woven details, saturated colours and hardware that bring the old world to the present day. For A/W12, the collections are inspired by the 1970s and gothic rock.”

After the Dukan, get the skinny on the OMG diet.

The regime that promises a bikini body in six weeks has become an internet sensation. But can taking cold showers and skipping breakfast really help you lose weight faster? Emily Jupp tries it for herself.

You’ve heard of Dukan, scoffed fat on Atkins, fainted from drinking only honey and lemon water and lost friends from the noxious side-effects of the cabbage diet. Now there’s a new one, this time designed to inspire jealousy and help you to “get skinnier than all your friends”. Six Weeks to OMG comes out in print next month. It has knocked the Dukan Diet off the top of the iTunes diet book chart and a subsidiary of Penguin has bought it for a seven-figure sum.

The book, by British sports scientist and personal trainer Paul Khanna, who goes by the pen name Venice A Fulton, offers controversial tips, such as skip breakfast, take cold baths and drink black coffee. But for short-term weight loss, can the OMG diet really help you shed pounds? Consultant Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Linia Patel, Dr Christian Jessen, the presenter of the Bafta award-winning Embarrassing Bodies series, and the celebrity fitness trainer Jay Darrell Ingleton explain the science behind Fulton’s unconventional theories. I’ve also given Fulton’s tips a try, in a (highly unscientific) experiment, to see how tough they are to stick to.

Fulton says skipping breakfast will help to stop you becoming a “fadult” (that’s a fat adult to you and me). “Breakfast is for wimps!”, he writes. He recommends exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and then only eating once three hours have passed, so that your body is forced to burn stored fat rather than food.

The expert view: “Skipping breakfast is a weight-loss disaster,” says Patel. “When you wake up your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that helps store fat. If you don’t eat, you are putting your body under more strain and stress and therefore more likely to gain weight around the middle. Also, you will want sugary and fatty things when you’re really hungry, which add to weight gain.”

My experience: I skipped breakfast and still had enough energy to run up the stairs on the underground (my “workout”). It didn’t affect my concentration and I ate breakfast at 10am. It was easy, but I consumed exactly the same amount that I usually eat, so I doubt it made much impact on my weight.

Drink black coffee before exercise

Fulton says the caffeine in a cup of black coffee will help to boost your exercise routine: “It’s nature’s cheap and secret potion,” he writes. But he warns against adding any milk or sugar to your drink, because “either would tell your body that food’s arriving,” which, in theory, will prevent it from burning its fat stores.

The expert view: Dr Christian Jessen says coffee can help, but there’s no secret trick to it. “After 12 hours or more of filming, mustering the energy to get to the gym can be hard,” he says. “Coffee gives me the energy to just about squeeze in a workout. It’s a stimulant and that’s what I use it for, but it doesn’t make your workout more efficient.” He also warns that liquids contain calories too. “People forget fluids such as the Starbucks coffee mocha creamy coffee thing can be high in calories. Adding milk and sugar to coffee will add to your intake. Remember your hard work in the gym is lessened by a highly calorific drink beforehand.”

My experience: It made me feel more energetic, which probably helped to psyche myself up for the gym.

Take cold baths

Fulton recommends taking baths of between 15C and 20C to “help you lose calories fast”. He says the cold boosts adrenaline, which he says is particularly good for burning the fat stored in women’s thighs.

The expert view: Ingleton says that a lot of athletes will take ice baths to help their muscles recover. “When athletes do it after a workout it gets blood to the muscles quicker. It has to be freezing otherwise it won’t work, but the author is not saying go to that extent. Also I don’t think everyone will be working out like a top body-builder. For normal people, it probably won’t make much difference to weight-loss.”

My experience: I opt for a cold shower, which is horrible. It feels like my body is in shock and makes my heart race. Afterwards, my skin looks bright and glowing and my clothes feel really warm, but the results don’t outweigh the awfulness. I couldn’t stick to it every day for six weeks.

Eat less fruit
Fulton says you should eat as little as one piece of fruit a day during the diet period, although after the six weeks are up he encourages more balance in your diet.

“Fruit can be a cheeky devil,” he says, because it contains fructose, which can turn to fat if it isn’t burnt off.
The expert view: “It’s all about calories,” says Patel. “We recommend you eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day, but if you want to lose weight have more vegetables than fruit, as fruit is more calorific. It’s ridiculous to just eat one piece of fruit a day for six weeks, because you’re losing out on essential vitamins and minerals.”

My experience: I replaced fruit with colourful salads and felt fine, but I missed having a late afternoon snack and bought a coffee loaded with honey instead of fruit – Fulton wouldn’t approve.

Swap broccoli for Coke

Fulton says eating unhealthily in the short-term is OK if it makes you thin. “[For some people] to get skinny”, he writes,”it makes no difference whether they get their daily carbs from cans of Coke or from broccoli… for six to 12 weeks there’s no harm in using this knowledge to get super-skinny.”

The expert view: Patel says: “Broccoli is a fibrous carb that helps digestion and gives you nutrients. If you lay off fibrous carbs like bread, pasta and vegetables then you will be constipated with no energy.”

My experience: I’m far too fond of vegetables and regular bowel movements to attempt this one.

Duelling diets

If you don’t like the sound of OMG, there are other diets that also promise fast weight-loss, but Dr Jessen warns that we shouldn’t expect miracles: “Coming off the diet and coming back to normal is when the weight can pile back on. Dieting should be about taking a healthy, sensible approach that will work in the long-term. Don’t try to cut everything out at once. Life is about enjoyment, too, and that’s why you work hard, so you can indulge in a cheeky cake in the afternoon if you fancy.”

The Headspace Diet:

10 Days to Finding Your Ideal Weight (Hodder & Stoughton). This is where you think deeply about every mouthful you eat and therefore, the theory goes, consume less.

“Being mindful while you eat is great, as most people tend to eat until they are stuffed,” Patel says. “It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain its full – but most of us can polish off two platefuls in less than 10 minutes!” But she warns that this diet has its risks. “Eating a tiny portion each meal, you would risk not getting in enough nutrients to keep you healthy.”

The Baby Food Diet

This involves just eating jars of baby food in place of your normal, adult-size meals.

“Baby food is full of nutritious vitamins, which are easily digestible,” Ingleton says. But he warns it’s hard to feel satisfied with the lack of texture, and it’s easy to go over the three-to-four jar allowance and overeat.

The Raw Food Diet

“The raw food diet contains fewer trans fats and saturated fats than general Western diets and it can lead to weight loss and may give you more energy,” Ingleton says. He warns that there is a risk that the diet lacks some essential vitamins and fatty acids, so you would need to take vitamin supplements.

The Blood Group Diet

Devised by Peter J D’Adamo, this is when you cut out dairy, meat, wheat or grains depending on your blood type.

“There is no reasonable scientific basis for this,” Ingleton says. Patel agrees: “You risk getting an unbalanced diet if you are cutting out a whole food group.”

The Dukan Diet

Like the Atkins diet, the Dukan diet involves eating mostly protein for a few weeks and then gradually introducing other foods.

“It’s a high-protein diet, so while it might work for some to kick-start weight loss it won’t work for all, as it’s hard to cut out carbs,” Patel says. “You risk having low energy.”

When meeting with a man young girls are often surprised the following situation: a man that is married …. And you – so go left.
How can discern, among other married man – and that his time not to lose and nerves once again not to spend?
1) If your weekends or holidays man prefers to spend without you – this is the first sign that he was a family man. Chance of another option: you can not only in his sight, and so he simply allocates time among several women.

One may question the way this test, but judge for yourself: Is love a man will seek to spend free time away from the second half?

2) The man does not invite you to itself, does not go with you into the light and avoids introducing you to friends or parents? Well, maybe it’s just very shy, suffer from complexes, but you had the first real love. But do not rule out another option: a man would prefer to avoid being seen together nor his family nor friends, nor anyone else around him.

Why? That’s right, do not spill the beans to his wife;

3) A great way to test the reliability of your relationship – a man buy a gift something intimate and personal. For example, stick to the keys with half a heart. If suddenly one day you will notice that the keys on his key chain is missing, then your “pious” is hiding something;

4) Pay attention to his behavior in those moments when he needed to call “for” or call on his phone. If it is a matter of urgency runs somewhere, trying to speak as quietly as possible, and during the nights with you and does your mobile phone off, it is one hundred percent “zhenatik”;

5) Finally, there is another way to find out whether he has an official wife. You can simply check the appropriate printing in the passport man. However, remember that not every man and woman now prefer to fix the marriage by signing, some couples prefer to dispense with formalities, living as roommates.

Everyone who plush coat seems a luxury, and not at its disposal, the designers suggest not to despair. After all, this season is incredibly fashionable to be not only natural fur coats, but all kinds of fur accessories, furs that will be an alternative to toe. In honor any fur: lynx, mink, fox, Persian lamb. Or fake fur bright colors.
Fur accessories 2011/2012: boas
At the peak of their popularity is very feminine and comfortable wardrobe item – boa. The new season will certainly come in handy this feature is not just any fashionista. In the cool evening walk down the street, or boldly go bad in a heated room, each owner will be able to fashion fur boas.

Relevant in this chic long season of fox boas or other mechanisms, flowing from his shoulders. Offers the luxury of Oscar de la Renta. Stole became part of the 2011/2012 fashion collection from Barbara Thank, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Gucci.

boa fur

boa fur
2011/2012 fur accessories: collars and cuffs
Irreplaceable piece of the winter season is undoubtedly the fur collar. In his collection of designer actively used this element as a luxurious fur is the perfect decoration for any outdoor clothing and also great warmth.

Fur collar can be found at Basso & Brooke, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Missoni, Christian Dior, Aquilano. Rimondi, Loewe. Fur trim for use in particular natural dyed. But there are also artificial.

As for the colors of collars, the common red, black, purple, yellow and even green fur, indicating that the creators of the bold fashion masterpieces.


Voluminous sleeves made of natural or artificial fur certainly enrich any clothes. Sleeves treated fur, create comfort and warmth on cold days. So say many designers.

Classic finishes fur cuffs offer Barbara Thank, Christian Dior.

In the new season in the fashion of fur trim on the bottom of the skirt or dress. This original idea has visited Alice + Olivia for creating a new collection.

Fur Accessories
2011/2012 fur accessories: vests
The main trend of autumn-winter season is a fur vest. Shorter or longer – any one can become the queen of winter. Soft, comfortable and most importantly a warm jacket will certainly beautify and warm. This part of the winter wardrobe is often found in collections on the catwalks of Burberry Prorsum, Bensoni, Alexander Wang, Loewe, Band of Outsiders.

Looks great fur vest with hood from Bensoni. In these clothes you will be the most fashionable and never freeze.

fur vests
2011/2012 fur accessories: hats and hoods
Creators of the autumn-winter collections care about the comfort and health of women of fashion, creating a luxurious and practical, fur caps, berets and decoration in the form of hoods. Such details are shown in a variety of Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui, Prada, Burberry Prorsum.

One of the fashion trends are fur headphones. This version of the headdress in the collection offered to Alexander Wang. For complete comfort, he advises women of fashion combine headphones and a waistcoat of the same mechanisms are designed in one color.

Fur Accessories
2011/2012 fur accessories: bags and gloves
Fur bags as always respected. This was confirmed by Emilio Pucci and Dolce & Gabbana. In the new season bags can be manufactured from natural or artificial fur. Also have some elements of the fur, such as fur brushes, or paste.

Fur Accessories

Relatively gloves. This part of autumn-winter wardrobe can also be made of fur trim, which will emphasize your style and provide maximum comfort.

Remember that little piece of fur can change your image and make richer. Does not this we want?

At all times wear a woman’s life took a lot of space, and not only in the literal sense. For centuries, women accompanied by a constant desire – to dress up on occasion and without causing others to express their admiration. Every woman does it on its own, with peculiar only to her taste. Some nice dress for a loved one, others – for friends and girlfriends, and others – going to work. Tellingly, the men generally perceive the whole picture, at the time, as woman pay attention on details of clothing.

Stylish women’s clothing – the first way of expression. It is often used, even just to tell others about his character, without direct communication. For example, the ruffles and lace make take a woman as a romantic and gentle nature. And when the wind excites her skirt, she immediately becomes an elegant, beautiful and gentle, she wants to give pleasure to all passers-by. And vice versa – their suits and plain black cloth added the woman a sense of authority and rigor.

If you think about women’s clothing is a kind of mask and allowing the fair sex to achieve a certain opinion about them. Often it is the clothing women reveal the world his desires, feelings and sensations. Therefore, for any woman is very important to question the choice of attire, appropriate mood and desire. Here you have the simplest explanation of a woman’s love for shopping: virtually every woman gets from the process a lot of positive emotions. So, do not blame women in extravagance, if they like it – it is better to positive impressions than the offense in the case of restrictions on their freedom. Although everyone here has already decided on the basis of financial capability.

Fashionable women’s clothing boutique in selected after many trying – an indispensable way to get the woman he loves fun. Just look how it shines with joy, having bought a new fascinating thing. By the way, recently even started to use shopping as a kind of psychotherapy. Yes, a woman who is watching the way she looks and is dressed in what, calms and relieves stress after going to the store. Moreover, the British conducted a study that resulted in was that some women enjoy shopping more than sex!

Well, let’s not upset. Tip for men: understanding women’s love for new clothes, and they’ll be very grateful for it. Such is their nature!

Rarely some modern women refuse myself the pleasure of showing off in a trendy trench coat. Indeed, this element of the wardrobe is simply indispensable in the autumn cold days, when I want to wear not just jeans but elegant dress.
Modern women magazine offers all the women of fashion to turn to fashion trends and choose a luxurious coat for the fall season 2011.

Raincoats 2011: cuts and length
Imaginative designers of the world makes us modern women to choose the best model, the relevant features of the exterior. The benefit of today are so multifaceted fashion that does not have to deprive yourself of favorite joys buy what you like.

So fashionable styles involve a virtually unlimited length of the shortest to the maximum. Especially honored designers in this year’s long coats with below the knee. Most often it is flared models with the presence of the belt.

There are also unusual very large shapeless styles with flared sleeves, like Alexander Wang.
Actual trench coats this fall, won popularity for a long time. They exhibit many of the brands.

Military style continues to march on the podium, representing our attention to excellent examples of raincoats. Actively promotes such models Burberry Prorsum.

Raincoats 2011:
Burberry Prorsum

In the new autumn collections can often find a short cloak models with short flared sleeves. These styles are usually flared or a straight.

Also, modern women of fashion designers offer luxurious long coats. Such options are increasingly available in the form of straight or flared models necessarily under your belt.

Current will be of medium length coats without fasteners. As the fixation of such models is the belt of any width. The so-called capes with the smell can be as long sleeves and shortened. Submitted similar creations Marc by Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and others.

Raincoats 2011: Material
What particularly drew the attention of designers, so is the skin. In most collections you can see the leather coats of various lengths and colors. Loved this story so brands like Victor Rolf, Versus, Emilio Pucci, Versace.
Often there are great styles of raincoats made of satin plaschevki.

Gucci, Versace
Raincoats 2011: actual colors
The color scheme of fashionable raincoats determined by the material from which they were created. So, for example, leather model mainly designed in brown, black and red colors.

Cloaks of satin or regular plaschevki suggest bright colors: orange, blue, red, red and swamp color. Remain at the forefront of beige, gray and brown.

Donna Karan, Miu Miu


And as always the favorites of the season are black and white. By the way, white coat this year, the most popular. He paid special attention to brands like Burberry Prorsum, Versace, DKNY, Doo.Ri.

Magnificent decoration fashionable coats are all kinds of prints. It’s geometric shapes, colors leopard and zebra.
Raincoats 2011: finish
The most important accessory in nearly every model is a cloak his majesty are in any performance. It may be a broad and narrow waist, and double strap, like Viktor & Rolf. Sometimes you can see the laces like Isabel Marant.

The main trend is the finishing of fur. It is used not only to the coat, but in raincoats. Fur can be a decoration of the collar, cuffs, bottom of the cloak, like MaxMara, and even the band apart.

cloaks fall 2011

Furthermore, rich embroidery is used as in Emilio Pucci. Bows on the collar like Gucci. Also relevant trim cuffs with leather or other material that differs in color and texture.

Rich men, men with money and material support! Many women dating openly say they are satisfied with only well-endowed man. But this does not mean that they find. Sometimes we have to adjust their demands to get away from loneliness. “Men need a well-groomed, naturally has its own car, apartment, villa, and that the man smelled: a serious, intelligent, and successful. » “Looking only profitable relationship!” “To marry is rich man!” “I am interested in men money. I do not matter what a man, the main thing that was money. 5. Man on spec. request. These requests come from women dating who know exactly what they want. “I’m over 30. Need a man from Manhattan. Going there on business. It is necessary that there was a friend and at the same times their business done. ««I know that men like me, but that I liked – this is difficult. I have high standards. I know that from myself something to present. Well I know what I want. Turn away many men who express their sympathy and ask for the phone. “Man needs of Georgians to smokers and was similar to Meladze. But I do not own a Georgian. ««I would like to meet decent Scorpio or Libra for long-term relationship. 6. Man “normal, appropriate and without problems.” Increasingly, women dating are from a request reads: “Looking for a normal man for serious relationship.”All people is held and complex. When you begin to communicate, each has its own facilities, cockroaches in my head … ” “Seeking a man, capable of solving domestic problems and not laying them on women’s shoulders.” “I want to find a man without a problem.

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